Unique Pre-K Program Makes Kids Smile

Looking for a Pre-K program that focuses on the holistic development of children? Eden Explorers at Tweed Valley Adventist College is a Forest Kindy program dedicated to outdoor nature-based learning. Our goal? To provide an engaging learning experience that will help children to develop their confidence, independence and sense of self. In addition, children will explore their creativity through the experiences they encounter in the natural environment. This style of learning cultivates a sense of wonder, excitement and love for God’s amazing creation.

Forest Kindy students have opportunities to play and learn in nature both on and off campus, including experiences relating to dune care, rainforest preservation, outdoor cooking, role play, and native animal care. Each week the children will learn vital skills relating to bush and beach conservation and safety, and make real life connections to the world around them including our local community. Eden Explorers is a one day a week program open to students attending Pre-Kindy full time.

So what are the benefits of attending Eden Explorers? The development of strong social skills; learning to work cooperatively; building pre literacy and numeracy skills through hands-on experiences; increased confidence and self-esteem; and the development of language are just a few. All of the Forest Kindy learning experiences encourage the children to create through experimentation, investigation and imagination. Children are able to take risks in a supervised space, while nurturing their natural curiosity in the world around them which in turn develops and enhances their problem-solving skills. All of these skills are vital as they progress through school.
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