Beyond the Primary Classrooms


The sports program at Tweed Valley Adventist College is taught by Tweed Valley Adventist College staff and specialist teachers (e.g. swimming, gymnastics, AFL, dance). Our students have the opportunity to represent Tweed Valley Adventist College in various carnival days alongside other private schools through the North Coast Sports Association (NCSA).


Music teachers provide on-campus private music lessons for those wishing to learn the piano or guitar. Students also have the opportunity to play their musical instruments or sing in school bands that perform in Chapel (an assembly of the entire Primary Campus) every Thursday. The students also have opportunities to use their talents at different community events held at the college and the surrounding churches.


Students at Tweed Valley Adventist College are involved in the unique experiences of working as a class in the TVAC garden. In a garden, children are surrounded by teaching moments – the life cycle of various plants, the importance of worms and certain insects, even human activities that can help or harm plant growth. Without the necessity of a textbook or a computer, children can learn many things about the world by watching, investigating and experiencing in the garden.

The innumerable benefits for students working in the Tweed Valley Adventist College garden include:

  • improved readiness to learn
  • encouragement to become more active in solving problems
  • boosting numeracy and literacy skills
  • opportunity to translate academic subjects into practical, real world experiences
  • increased active, inquisitive approach to learning
  • flexible and better able to think on their feet and solve problems
  • aerobic, isotonic and isometric exercise, strength, endurance and flexibility
  • increased interest in including fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet

The Thrive Program…

allows students the choice to participate in an extracurricular interest group for an hour each week. Parent volunteers and teachers run the groups in a diverse range of activities including floristry, cooking, origami, card making, team sports and many more.


Each year the Primary campus holds a themed concert at the Civic Centre in Murwillumbah. For example, in 2015 the students performed a musical called “The Rip Roaring Tale” based on the Bible character, Daniel. The dramas, tap dancing, music and costumes were outstanding. The most recent Primary Concert was themed around the Olympics and being united. The classes, once again, worked hard to perform fantastic and entertaining musical items and dramas. The concert will continue to be an annual event for the Primary campus at TVAC, and provides a great opportunity for students to excel on stage.

Bible Studies

The chaplaincy team provides classroom visits and small group Bible studies in the Primary Campus each week. The Bible studies provide the students with a unique opportunity to learn more about Jesus and the Bible in a smaller and more intimate group setting. These smaller groups enable them to be able to ask more questions and learn through group discussions. The Bible studies have been a huge hit, with the majority of students from Year 3-6 choosing to participate!