Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Adventists?

Adventists choose to Live More — with Jesus Christ at our centre, we live healthier, happier, more meaningful and more balanced lives. It’s not just a slogan; it’s an everyday reality. And you can live it too. To read more click here.

Where are the local churches?

Murwillumbah Seventh-day Adventist Church

Street Address:
Racecourse Road
Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Mailing Address:
PO Box 49
Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Contact Information
Phone: (02) 6672 4999

Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church

Street Address:
85 Philip Street
Chinderah NSW 2487

Mailing Address:
83-93 Phillip Street
Chinderah NSW 2487

Contact Information
Phone: (02) 6674 5558

Bray Park SDA Church

Street Address:
26 Elouera Terrace
Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Contact Information
Phone: 0433 305 910

Additional local churches can be found using the SDA Directory found here.

What does the College logo mean?

Does my family have to be Adventist for my child to attend an Adventist school?

Absolutely not, we have students from a range of different denominations and beliefs. We also have many families who simply want to have strong Christian values at school reinforce the values that their home upholds.

Does my child need to be a baptised Adventist to enrol?

Being baptised into the Adventist Church is not a requirement to be enrolled at TVAC

Does my child have to participate in Religious Education (RE) Classes?

As a Christian school, our RE classes make up one of our core studies, as such it is a requirement that all students attend. The Christian values taught during these classes enable students to make wise decisions in their day to day lives and help build strength of character for their future.

Is my child required to follow any special Adventist dietary requirements?

The Adventist church promotes and upholds healthy lifestyle choices however we do not require students to adhere to these choices. We do encourage and teach our students to exercise, make healthy lifestyle choices and offer healthy, vegetarian meals through our College Canteen on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

What are the College Administration and Uniform shop hours?

College Administration/Secondary Campus Reception

Monday to Thursday:
8:30am – 4:00pm
8:30am – 3:30pm

Closed on weekends, public holidays and most of the school holidays. Sometimes the office may open before a new term starts; please call 02 6672 2922 before visiting.

Primary Campus Reception

Monday to Friday:
9am – 3pm

Closed on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

Uniform Shop

Monday to Thursday:
8:45am – 3pm (or by appointment)

Closed on Fridays, weekends, public holidays and most of the school holidays. Sometimes the office may open before a new term starts; please call 02 6672 2922 before visiting.

When are the TVAC school holidays?

We generally have holidays in correspondence with NSW school holiday periods.

2019 Dates

Term 1: Wedensday 30 January – Friday 12 April

Term 2: Tuesday 30 April – Friday 5 July

Term 3: Tuesday 23 July – Friday 27 September

Term 4: Tuesday 15 October – Wednesday 4 December

For a full calendar of college events please download our app. Our app is called ‘Tweed Valley Adventist College’ and it is available for download through the App Store and Google Store.

The Admin office is generally closed during holidays but will usually open a week before Term 1 commences.

Please call 02 6672 2922 to confirm before if you are travelling long distances to visit our College.

What year levels are available at TVAC?

TVAC offers enrolment from Pre-Kindy (ages 4-6), Primary (Kindy – Year 6), and Secondary (Year 7 – Year 12)

Where can I find fee information?

Fee information can be found here. Additional questions can be answered by calling the College Bursar (Mrs Jones) on 02 6672 2922.

What transport options are available?

Public Bus System

Students can access the public bus system to get free transportation to the College. For information of the bus companies who drop students at our College from your area click here.

TVAC Private Bus Run

The College also has a private bus run that services the Currumbin and Kingscliff areas. Please note that there are limited seats available on this service and a fee will be charged for usage. To find out more info on the costs and pick up points click here.

Does my child need to be immunised to enroll at TVAC?

No, but keep in mind that your child/ren may be asked to remain at home if an outbreak of a serious matter occurs.

My child/ren won’t be at school today. What do I do?

You can choose one of the following options to notify the College of the absence of your child/ren.

#1  Call the College Admin on 02 6672 2922 and inform the receptionist.

#2  Send an email to to explain the reason and days of absence of your child/ren.

#3. Send your child with a handwritten note when they return to the College explaining the days of absence and reason.

What is the Uniform Policy?

Here at TVAC we take pride in our students neat and tidy appearance.

Click here for our current policy

I would like to volunteer at the College. What do I do?

We encourage all certified volunteer help at TVAC.

To become a certified volunteer all you have to do is get a volunteer Working With Children Check number(WWCC). This is a government requirement and can be obtained at no cost here.

Once you have your number please notify the College Administration Office so that we can start your volunteer work asap.

We look forward to your contribution towards making our College a better place.

I have a Complaint or Grievance

Do you have a complaint or grievance?

Click here to download our current Student/Staff Grievance Policy.

Can I please see the TVAC Annual Report?

What happens if my child is sick at school?

Parents are encouraged to keep sick children at home. Minor injuries are treated at school but parents will be contacted when the injury or illness requires further attention.

What happens if parents enter the College during school hours?

All parents entering the College during normal hours of operation are required to sign in at either the Administration Office in the Secondary Campus or the Primary Admin Office.

Can my child leave the College grounds during normal hours?

Students are not permitted to leave the College without beforehand permission from a parent.

This can be in written form, an email, or a phone call.

All students must sign out at both the Primary and Secondary Admin offices before leaving.

What happens if students arrive late?

Students who arrive after 8.50am are expected to enter the College via the Primary or Secondary Admin offices to sign in and receive a late note.

What time should students arrive at the College each morning?

8.45am is the recommended arrival time but no earlier than 8:30am as there will be no supervision in either campus until that time.

Where can I find the Secondary Stationery Lists for 2019?

In the Secondary Campus, students are required to purchase their own stationery. Please see below, the 2019 stationery lists, per grade.

What is the Canteen Menu?

Canteen for both Campuses is available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

See Below for 2019 – Term 4 Menu